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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Smile wide, Smile bright Fives smiles I see; such a sight Healthy teeth, healthy gums Brush pets’ teeth to keep ‘em white! - D. Wills-Raftery H ave you brushed your pet's teeth today? W hile this month celebrates National Pet Dental Health , we shouldn’t need a reminder that as part of our pets’ overall care, we should be paying attention to their teeth, and be giving their chompers a brushing on a frequent basis (you know your pets’ teeth – this could be daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly). Your pet having strong teeth and good gums is very important. As with people, broken or rotting teeth can lead to other health issues, gum disease, irritation, discomfort, inflammation, and infection. To avoid a problem from starting, give them a little brush with some pet-friendly toothpaste. You can use either a finger brush (this is the type preferred by the FiveSibes), a standard (pet) toothbrush, a dental sponge, or pad. All of which can be purchased at any pet store. I like to make