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The FiveSibes (Red) Nose Knows!

  Of course a dog's nose knows...well, almost everything! There is not much these Husky noses miss! Including the fact that today is Red Nose Day - a day to don a red nose in support of ending child poverty. We here at FiveSibes are loving the idea of hosting a Red Nose Day #FiveSibes Facebook Fundraiser and for doing so, according to, "the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will MATCH every donation earned, up to $1M!"   Woo! That is so wondeful! Please visit our FiveSibes Facebook Fundraiser HERE to make a donation up until June 8, 2017, and help put an end to child poverty, and feel free to share, too, so we can reach even more people to help the children! Together, we *can* make a difference, one red nose at a time! Thank you!   Exciting News!!!  I am so proud and pleased that my photo poster for Red Nose Day received the Dog Writers Association of America's  prestigious MAXWELL MEDALLION for "Excellence!" In the words of my F