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The Pupsters Sweet Seven Party!

Our FiveSibes Flashback Friday post is a fun stroll back to just this past Monday, January 19, when our Pupsters ~ Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit ~ celebrated their seventh Birthday! Wooo! While we had hoped to share this party celebration a little earlier, but Wolf was sick with a tummy upset for two days (starting on his birthday) and their party was postponed a few days. And then I was hit by the stomach flu! Things are starting to settle down and everyone is making their way back to feeling better, so what better time to share their special celebration than on a Flashback Friday?! Here's a little video of their fun belated celebration: It's so hard to believe that seven years have passed since the Pupsters first came into our home at two months old! It has been such a wonderful experience seeing these three siblings grow up and always have each other to play with, and it's such a great feeling knowing they will never be separated! Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit have added th