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Happy Birthday, Hu-Dad!

Today, we the FiveSibes are taking over the blog! Why? Because it is a very special day here at the FiveSibes homestead! It's Hu-Dad's Birthday! Woooo! We're flashing back to some of these pics of Hu-Dad with us over the years! Our Hu-Dad is the best! He builds us cool stuff life a roof over OUR deck (it's once was theirs, but now it's ours)! He wanted to be sure to keep us dry in rainy and snowy weather because he knows how much we love to sit up high on the deck and look over the yard! He carries us when we are injured, and even built us a handipup ramp (for Chloe's recovery from double CCL surgery, and Gibson when he tore his  CCLs and with his bouts of weak hind end), and he used to take Harley with him to court when she was just a pup (she even rode in the police car, but shhhhhh, don't tell the other Sibes!) He loves us lots and we love him! We can't wait to celebrate and eat, oops, we mean give him his ice cream cake! Oh yes, and lots an