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Siberian Husky Rescues: A Heartfelt Mission to Help the Homeless

Thinking of getting a beautiful Siberian Husky? Did you know you can help save a Husky’s life by learning all you can about the breed, and then adopting or fostering one from a rescue?  Buddy, the Christmas Husky. Once an abandoned, abused, and starving dog living on the streets, became a happy forever foster thanks to caring individuals who saved him. To read more about this amazing Husky story, read my article in Kings River Life . (PLEASE NOTE: contest is over. If you are interested in a Buddy BOOK, contact us here at FiveSibes as there is a very limited quantity left). Photo by Lisa Byrd. This Article Stars Beautiful Adoptable Huskies! (Huskies may already have found their forever homes, but contact that rescue to see more beautiful Huskies looking for a loving home).   Meet beautiful Luna! Luna is dog friendly, kid friendly, and just became crate trained. She’s a young dog who still has a lot to learn. Luna is playful and very sweet. If you can foster Luna or would like more in