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Woo! The Weekend is in Sight!

  Who else is excited for the weekend? I write this as I sit outside trying to enjoy what would be an exceptional summer-like Autumn day (formerly known as "Indian Summer" or, if you prefer Shakespeare's expression, "All Halloween Summer") with it being mid-October and the temps are once again warm in the 70s ...sounds wonderful, right? The only problem is the bees have gone crazy! They are buzzing in our faces, erratically flying high and low and right into our faces!!! They know the cold snap is coming. My Wolfie does not like the resurgence of heat at all. Not the heat nor the dive-bombing bees. He rather come out when it is cooler, otherwise, he prefers being inside chilling on his bed in the a/c! And not to rush the season, but I'm with Wolfie. I will welcome the dip in temperature, but not too much yet. Just enough so these darn bees can give it a rest! Either way, we are almost to the weekend! And the forecast says a bit of rain on Saturday, followed