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Happy Howl-o-ween! Photo Contest Winners & a Global Pets on Parade Slideshow to Celebrate!

Wooo! and Booooo! Happy Halloween!!! All the entries into our very first "Let's All Scream for Howl-o-ween" Autumn photo contest were just, in a word, pawsome! Wow, the entries were so creative, funny, and beautiful! I'm glad I wasn't a judge - it would be way to hard to pick. Notes from the judges praised the entries for their creativeness, spirit, humor, and composition. You are all winners in my book! Wooos to you all from the FiveSibes™!  And let's give a big round of "a-paws" to our judges, too, for such a great job. Many thanks to: Jessica F. - licensed vet tech Kathleen B. - vet receptionist & pet sitter Barb S. - graphic designer & art director Cherie K. - graphic designer Judy H. - photographer & family farm owner Hendrick M. - photographer Val L. - graphic designer & pet parent This contest had seven overall winning photos Grand Prize to Sixth Place, with three Honorable Mention runner-ups, all who will receive certi