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Photographing Your Pet: Every Picture Tells A Story and Captures Memories for a Lifetime!

    July is all about capturing great photos of our dogs! (Okay, every day is, but there seriously are two July dates devoted just to this!) Happy All American Pet Photo Day! Yes, that's right, July 11th is really a day dedicated to photographing our beloved pets, and July 26 is National Dog Photography Day! Two dates that are barking right up my alley! As a career photojournalist, I truly believe every picture does indeed tell a story. Every day, our pets bring us so much joy, whether it is that moment a puppy lick’s a child’s face, a therapy dog brings happiness to an ailing or lonely person, a cat chases a butterfly, a horse gallops across a misty field, a bunny nibbles on a piece of hay, or a dog rolls in the first snow of the season, taking a photograph allows us to capture and enjoy that moment, over and over again.   Every day can be a day of many special moments to capture our pets on film (or memory card). And, with today being All American Pet Photo Day, it is a perfe