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Wrapping Up Christmas, Husky Style!

 "Woo. I like this paper." Woo! We love the holidays here at FiveSibes! No matter what we are doing, they love to join in. So it's now time for wrapping and I sure do have some pretty awesome elves, Harley and Bandit, to help me! (Wolf and Chloe decided to settle down for a long winter's nap, instead)! "Are we done yet? Is it treat time?" We are a bunch of foodies here, especially during the holiday season, so when all the wrapping was done for the day (still have lots more to do), my FiveSibes were ready for their treat. So it was a yummy cheeseburger snack for my hungry Husky elves!  "Nommm-nomm! Thanks, Mom!"  Have you had a chance to check out our FiveSibes™#LiveGibStrong  Gift Guide for Epi-Dogs (and all dogs really!)?  We have gathered up a collection of some really cool items for your pup we think you'll love to check out!  Click HERE to view our very special Gift Guide! Re