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Exciting Writing Awards News to Share!

Woo! Hu-Mom won this award for her fiction story! So thrilled to announce that my fiction story, "Hope's Haven" that was published in the Winter 2019 issue of AmericanPet Magazine has been selected as by the Dog Writer's Association of America as a short fiction work of "Excellence" and has been awarded the prestigious DWAA's Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence" in short fiction! While this is my third Maxwell Medallion, it is my first for fiction, a true passion of mine! Many of my dear readers know me for my life-long career of non-fiction articles, but to have the opportunity to share my creative fiction, and be recognized for the work, is truly this writer's dream! The Dog Writer's Association of America's Maxwell Medallion for "Excellence" in Short Fiction writing.  I am so very proud of this work of fiction as it not only surrounds My Maxwell Medallion for Short Fiction the story of the magnifi

#FiveSibes Huskies Say Happy Birthday, USA!

In these unusual times, we hope you stay safe and have a wonderful Fourth of July! A few reminders to help keep our pups safe: Happy Birthday, USA! Back to Our FiveSibes Home Page! Visit Our FiveSibes Website!