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Play Ball!

Harley with two of her balls. Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall. Every season is a great time for playing ball! And here at the FiveSibes™, we all love our balls! Especially our alpha queen, Harley, is our resident Queen of Balls. She has a whole collection of them - including her new favorite a hot pink glow-in-the-dark one! (Yes, it really glows and makes for some fun games when the lights are out!) While all our Sibes enjoy the squeak or toss of a ball, it's Harley who is addicted to them! Whenever she sees one or hears one squeak in our hands, she lights up and animatedly waits for a vigorous game of Fetch! or I Have the Ball, So Catch Me If You Can . That later game is pretty self-explanatory and results in everyone running back and forth across the yard chasing Harley as she flies with one of her beloved balls in her mouth. One time, she managed to get three - yes, three - tennis balls in her little mouth all at one time. She had us running pretty good for that one as we al