Play Ball!

Harley with two of her balls.
Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall. Every season is a great time for playing ball! And here at the FiveSibes™, we all love our balls! Especially our alpha queen, Harley, is our resident Queen of Balls. She has a whole collection of them - including her new favorite a hot pink glow-in-the-dark one! (Yes, it really glows and makes for some fun games when the lights are out!) While all our Sibes enjoy the squeak or toss of a ball, it's Harley who is addicted to them! Whenever she sees one or hears one squeak in our hands, she lights up and animatedly waits for a vigorous game of Fetch! or I Have the Ball, So Catch Me If You Can. That later game is pretty self-explanatory and results in everyone running back and forth across the yard chasing Harley as she flies with one of her beloved balls in her mouth. One time, she managed to get three - yes, three - tennis balls in her little mouth all at one time. She had us running pretty good for that one as we all tried to catch her to get those darn tennis balls out of her mouth. (Needless to say, we do not ever use tennis balls anymore.) So naturally, when Kol's Notes K9  Kamp Challenge "Play With Your Balls" came up, we just had to participate!

"Ball...Ball...My Ball...Toss My Ball...Ball...!"
As you can see from this pic - Harely has her "crazy eyes" on as she waits for me to drop her new hot pink (her fave color) ball for a game of Indoor Fetch. After a few days of rain, a little Indoor Fetch is what's called for. This always ends up with balls and Huskies bouncing all over the kitchen, nook, nook bench, and (oops!) sometimes even a little counter surfing to catch it!

We have pink balls...

 And bright blue balls...

  We have yellow balls, rainbow balls, green balls, squeaky balls, fuzzy balls, and water balls. We have little balls, big balls, hard balls, soft balls, soccer balls, beach balls, donut-shaped balls, and pool balls. We have a ball for every day and a ball for every Sibe!

The pool is a great way to get in a little ball play and get some exercise in the warmer weather while still keeping cool. The Sibes love to poke the ball and try to catch it as the water floats it along. They will get in and out of the pool, splashing around to try to catch it with their paws and jaws...but wind up sending it bouncing along its way in the water until either one of the Sibes (sighs) pops it or sends it flying across the deck causing the Huskies to all clamber after it in a mad chase to see who is going to get the ball. Then we hu-family members pick it up, toss it back in the pool, and the water ball games begin again! 

 Harley moving in for the catch!

Call the MLB! This girl never misses a catch!

So you see, the Sibes do so love playing with their balls! (Now, what did you think we meant?!) And all this ball playing and running and tossing and splashing around sure is great exercise for all of us, Sibes and hu-family! And the exercise doesn't stop when the ball stops bouncing either. Here is a little video of our Harley after playing Fetch! She always gets a case of the post-ball zoomies!

With our love of the sport, we are all very happy to be getting fit while having a ball participating in the Kol's Notes K9 Kamp "Play With Your Balls" Challenge!

        Have you played with your balls today?

K9 Kamp


  1. And let us NOT furget... in the winter you LOVE TO play... SNOW BALL!!!

    Darn... you all have like 87 balls of every size and color and description!! All of Blogville is gonna be Green with Jellyness!!!

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  2. What a fun video of Harley and her zoomies!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. That's a good idea, putting the balls in the pool! Looks like you did a great job playing with your balls!

  4. We have some of those same balls here, but Mom has had to hide them because Lightning destroys every toy he can sink his teeth in:( Super video - we loved seeing all the fun.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. You DO have an awesome collection of balls! I love it best when I am off-leash at the park and dad throws the ball as far as he can and I have to race to catch it!

  6. Hey I love that idea of playing in the pool. what fun! Can I join too?
    Peggy and kelly

  7. Go Harley! I loved reading about how you guys handled the challenge. :)

  8. Your pack is so beautiful. My dogs everyday bring me the ball right around the same time everyday. It's after I drop kids off at the bus stop and I come home to clean up and then I sit to eat my toast while they nap, and they wake around 10a. every morning and tell me that it's go play fetch time. I absolutely LOVE this! they remind me, hey get outside lady.

  9. Wow, you guys have a great collection there! Love that green pool ball. I have a wiggly-giggly ball that I play with every day. It's crazy fun! Love that video and all of these pix.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Sam is the same way - he becomes almost hypnotized when he sees one.


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