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Today, We Hung A Norstar...

  Today, we hung our Norstar on our FiveSibes favorite maple tree. Norwood's mom knitted these stars and sent out to friends to hang in Norwood's memory. A donation to his little furbrother Seager's rescue in his memory is such a nice way to help another rescue dog. Norwood would have really liked that. And hanging stars is such a wonderful tribute! As so many of us here in Blogville feel, we may not personally know each other, but through our blogs and connection, we share a special bond, sometimes even more special than those we hold with someone we do see in person. Love and friendship comes from the heart; miles between do not matter. We all know how much Norwood loved life, lived life, and will now shine brightly in hundreds of trees and landmarks across the lands. We like to think he'd be very happy and nutty seeing all the sparkling yellow lights knowing they were all for him! Shine brightly, Norstar. Shine brightly. Photo from Norwood Unleashed