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And the Survey Says...

The results are in from 239 Epi-dog parents from across the world who complete our FiveSibes™ "Live Gib Strong" K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Tell Us About Your Epi-Dog Survey that asked: How does your Epi-dog take his/her medications? (i.e. with peanut butter, cheese, slde down throat, etc. How does your Epi-dog react right after taking meds? (i.e. cough, gag, sneeze, bray, experience ataxia, lethargy, anxiety, sleepiness, no symptoms, etc.) What type of medications and/or holistic supplements is your Epi-dog on? Does your Epi-dog get any type of therapies to help relax or reduce anxiety, stress, ataxia (lack of coordination), limb weakness? Is your Epi-dog on a special diet or have dietary restrictions? If so, please explain. Does your Epi-dog have/require a special, therapeutic, or cooler bed to sleep on? How often does your Epi-dog have blood work done per year? Do you have a First Aid Kit for your Epi-dog? If so, what is in it? Do you belong to a Canine Epilepsy