Saturday, February 1, 2014

And the Survey Says...

The results are in from 239 Epi-dog parents from across the world who complete our FiveSibes™ "Live Gib Strong" K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Tell Us About Your Epi-Dog Survey that asked:

  1. How does your Epi-dog take his/her medications? (i.e. with peanut butter, cheese, slde down throat, etc.
  2. How does your Epi-dog react right after
    taking meds? (i.e. cough, gag, sneeze,
    bray, experience ataxia, lethargy, anxiety,
    sleepiness, no symptoms, etc.)
  3. What type of medications and/or
    holistic supplements is your Epi-dog on?
  4. Does your Epi-dog get any type of
    therapies to help relax or reduce anxiety,
    stress, ataxia (lack of coordination), limb
  5. Is your Epi-dog on a special diet or
    have dietary restrictions? If so, please
  6. Does your Epi-dog have/require a
    special, therapeutic, or cooler bed to sleep
  7. How often does your Epi-dog have
    blood work done per year?
  8. Do you have a First Aid Kit for your Epi-dog?
    If so, what is in it?
  9. Do you belong to a Canine Epilepsy
    support group and/or online group? If so,
    what group?
  10. Is there anything about Canine
    Epilepsy that you would like to know about
    that you have not already discussed with
    your vet or neurologist, or educated
    yourself about from a reputable Canine
    Epilepsy resource site?
To read the results, including lots of great info and valuable tips from fellow Epi-parents worldwide, visit HERE

While most of the results are individual responses, there are a couple charts. Here's a sneak peek at one:

A huge "Thank You" to all the Epi-dog parents who took the time to complete our survey. It's so important that we continue to network and share resources, ideas, info, and tips to help give our amazing Epi-dogs every benefit we can so they can live happy, healthy lives, even with Canine Epilepsy.

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