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A Fabulous Friday Gibson Update!

Another wonderful update on Gibson to report! The other day we took a little adventure out to the front yard, assisted with the harness. Once again, he was able to walk unassisted for a few strides (woo-woo!), then he sniffed some roses, and enjoyed some resting time on the grass. He was tired out, even though it was a very short walk, but he did very well. His in-home laser treatments have now been extended to every other week. I'm so very proud of my boy! Baby steps, baby steps, wh ich will hopefully continue to lead to bigger and stronger steps each day! THANK YOU all so much for you continuous care and support of Gibson! He surely feels all the love! And even though the past six months of rehabbing my boy has kept me busy as he really needed my attention and steady care, as he hopefully continues to gain his strength, we hope to get back to posting more and once again sharing news, photos, videos, reviews, and giveaways!  A little back story: For those of you who