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Exciting News! The first FiveSibes™ Book is Available for Order. Purchases Also Benefit Canine Epilepsy Organization

Book Front Cover  Woooo! It's a very exciting time for the FiveSibes™ and I as we are releasing our very first illustrated children's book titled, What's Wrong With Gibson? This is the first book in a series of FiveSibes™ Tales written by me, the FiveSibesMom, and illustrated by the very talented artist Michelle Littler! Working with Michelle has been such a great experience! I look forward to working with her on the future editions of A FiveSibes™ Tale books! Her work is beautiful and she "gets" my Sibes and what message I'm trying to relay via her artwork. I am so pleased to have met her and thank Road Dog Tales for originally introducing us! Check out Michelle's Etsy store, too, at littletoad .  As many of you know, I am an author, journalist, editor, and photographer by trade; with the last 14 years spent in the educational field. For five years, I was an editor of an elementary school newspaper I started in my daughter's school whe