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Happy Independence Day, America!

Harley Woo! Happy Fourth of July, America! We are wishing all our FiveSibes readers, our “The Sibe Vibe” Dog Works Radio show listeners, furpals, and their families a safe, fun, and happy Independence Day! Here is a short video of our Harley girl getting into the spirit with some patriotic eyewear! And here's the rest of the FiveSibes family joining in to say Happy Fourth of July! Gibson Wolf Chloe Bandit And what's a holiday without a parade? Here's a replay of our fun slideshow  featuring some (p)awesome and very festive furkids and furangels from across America who were featured in our 2011 "Patriotic Pets on Parade" video. We are sure you’ll recognize the FiveSibes, plus some other beautiful furpal faces here, including a few dear furfriends who have since journeyed away. We hope it will bring a smile to your face today. Enjoy!  Have a Happy & Saf