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Inu (Dog) Loyalty Gives a Glimmer of Hope

There is so much we can learn from dogs. In our everyday lives and when something tragic hits, such as the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all--both human and animal--who have been touched by this disaster. The images are so vivid. Burned in our minds forever. We send our hopes and prayers to them.  It's hard to see the devastation and think, "what good can I take from this horror?" I can honestly say that I can not answer that. It seems there is nothing good to glean from it at all. What we can do, is focus on hope. Hope for survivors. Hope for no further eruptions. Hope for help. Hope for assistance for the pets who have been lost or hurt as a result of this to be found and reunited with their families. So many of us have been touched by the incredible video of one lost dog, who caught the attention of a cameraman to lead him over to another dog, apparently injured or worse at first glance. The first dog refused to leave thi