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Happy Husky Howl-o-Ween on a Flashback Friday to the Wild, Wild West!

Happy Howl-o-ween! We hope you'll have lots of fun and treats (and no tricks, unless it's the furkids playing them on the humans)! Our Flashback Friday post today is a little different - it's a combination of old and new, as well as a little play on words for fun. We are kicking today's post off with a "flashback" to the late 1800s out along the dusty Western trail. But first, a little back story. I am a big fan of Hell on Wheels , and if you have Twitter, you can catch me (@FiveSibesMom) every Saturday Tweeting live during the show, which airs 9 - 10 PM EST on AMC. The show served as my initial inspiration for this year's FiveSibes' costumes. So, why all the excitement about a Western theme? I'm a retired cowgirl! I'm the daughter of a cowboy - my dad in his youth, before enlisting in the Army, moved out to Montana, where he joined the CCCs (Civilian Conservation Corps), put electric/telephone poles in up the mountainside, and broke i

From Feral to Family...Happy National Cat Day!

Our sweet Binx was a starving, feral cat who was wandering the neighborhood. This beautiful tuxedo kitten was afraid of everyone and everything. Then he met my daughter. Binx has now been adopted into our family, has been vetted, neutered, and is a real love bug. Gibson and Wolf love to watch Binx slink across the yard and stalk them. Binx loves to walk the fence in the backyard and meow to torment the Huskies! He will also sit by the family room window and rub and meow as Chloe and Bandit sit on the loveseat and watch...and watch...and watch! Harley, she will cautiously keep an eye on Binx, but so far, Binx knows just how far he can go! Binx was originally brought to our doorstep by our furangel, Smokie, who also was abandoned and starving until she strolled across our lawn and met my daughter. After a can of salmon and lots of petting, Smokie decided she liked our family and would allow us to include her. Smokie was with us for five wonderful years. She brought home Bin

Fall Back Time is This Weekend! Some Health & Safety Tips for Pets Prior to Turning Back Those Clocks!

    This Sunday, clocks in many areas back one hour from Daylight Saving Time (DST) to Standard Time at 2 AM. So don't be surprised if your furbaby gets you up an hour early starting Monday! Although our mechanical clocks say it's one time, their internal clocks will say another until it all evens out after a few days! So much for an extra hour of sleep! Each year, I  like to recap some helpful safety tips we should do as pet parents, before we turn back the clocks: If your pets are on specifically timed medications, i.e. seizure meds (like our boy Gibson), at least for the first day of the new time change, stagger the dosage times. If your pet typically takes his medications at 7 AM and 7 PM, for the first day of DST, give the AM dosage at the new fall-back time of 6:30 (true time would be 7:30, a half hour later than usual), and give the 7 PM dosage at 6:30 (true time would be 7:30). That way, while their internal clock says it's a bit l

FiveSibes Are "Famous Dogs on Facebook!"

 "It's here! It's here! The Fall issue is here!" "Woooo! Show us! Show us!" "I want to see!"    "Wooooooo! That's us!" "Thank You, American Dog Magazine !"  And many "thank woos" to all our Facebook, blog, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and BlogPaws friends, too!  We wouldn't be here without you!   And read about our family in their Winter 2011 issue, too! "So...Mom... Does this mean we can now have a doggie limo with a chaffeur, and lots of treats and fresh water???" Sorry...Gib. No limo. And I'm still your chaffeur. But I have always have treats! 

Why is Gibson's Pumpkin Purple?

Halloween is right around the corner and here’s our Gibson with his new purple pumpkin. A Purple pumpkin? Pumpkins are orange!  So you may be asking, "Why is Gibson’s pumpkin purple?"  Do you know why? "I'm an Epi-Husky, that's why!" Gibson’s pumpkin is purple because he is an Epi-dog ~ a dog with Canine Epilepsy. And his form of epilepsy is called idiopathic, meaning they could never determine a specific cause for the onset of his seizures. And, purple is the color of epilepsy awareness.  So, with a little help from Gib and his love, Harley, we are participating in the Purple Pumpkin Project. What is the Purple Pumpkin Project? According to (home of Epilepsy Foundation® and Epilepsy Therapy Project), the Purple Pumpkin Project is the brainchild of founder Ron Lamontagne, whose youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy at age four. “While on a drive through Connecticut one Sund

Frolicking FiveSibes Fun on a Flashback Friday!

It's's February and it's a cold, sunny day as our "originals" Harley and Gibson, ages four and six, are having some Husky fun roughhousing and playing bitey-face. As you can see from this video my daughter shot, Harley has always been the "take command" alpha Husky, while Gibson, totally in love her, enjoys every single moment! Happy Flashback Friday! And joining us again this week is our new co-host, those beautiful Sibes and their mom from  Love is Being Owned by a Husky blog! Be sure to pop by on our Flashback Friday Blog Hop and say "hi" to our co-hosts! To catch up on past FiveSibes Flashback Fridays, visit our previous posts here:   Flashback Friday #45: Puppy Kisses Flashback Friday #44: Snow in October? Flashback to Snowtober! Flashback Friday #43:: Feelin' Free & Welcome to New Co-Host Flashback Friday #42: FiveSibesMom Birthday on a Flashback Friday Flashback Friday #41