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FiveSibes & 4Knines Dog Seat Cover Howliday Giveaway

  I love giveways, don't you?! I especially love them when we are hosting, and especially at the holiday time! We are hosting a great giveaway, too! But first, I'm so excited to announce a piece of news...most of you know that I am a long-time writer for the 4Knines blog (visit and surf around for my articles) and now I'm please to announce that FiveSibes is now a 4Knines affiliate! Woo!     Note: As an affiliate, it simply means should you use one of our links to place an order, qualifying orders may result in our receiving a small commission *at no extra cost to you.*     To celebrate, we are hosting a 4Knines Howliday Giveaway (for U.S. residents) and they are giving away through this blog one of their fantastic products, a Dog Rear Seat Cover with Hammock valued at $59.99! The drawing will close on Christmas Eve!   One lucky winner will receive this 4Knines Car Rear Seat Cover! Value of $59.99! Courtesy of     ****12/24/2023 Update - Giveaway has now ende