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Four Paws Up for "Paw Hide" Game!

Chloe asks, "Will you play 'Paw Hide' with me?" So the FiveSibes were really excited and running around wooing when they found out they were going to be toy testers for Kyjen's site Boycott Boring Toys! We selected the game "Paw Hide," it's a giant plastic paw with compartments you hide treats in and then put the paw-shaped cups over them to hide the treats. The object of the game, of course, is for our furkids to sniff out the treats and figure out the best way to get to that treat!  This is a great canine game. They were interested in it from the get-go, and it was fun to watch each one go play in a different way. My Sibes range in weight from Gibson, who is 111 pounds to 57-pound Bandit to 49 pound Harley...and all were equally entertained. The toy held up to rigorous chomps, paws, and flips from all of my Huskies. What a really great way to occupy a furkid! If you're thinking about getting your dog a "different" type of toy,