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#FiveSibes Pupsters Celebrate 11th Birthay!

  What a special day here at FiveSibes...our Pupsters, Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit turned 11! It's been such  joy watching these siblings grow up together - and days filled with love, fun, chaos, and laughter raising three puppies at once, with two more young Huskies - our "originals" Harley and Gibson who were just pups themselves at three and two years of age at the time we brought home the Pupsters! Our Pupsters as12-week-old puppies! Oh, the days of training three - lots of craziness and fun - and pee pads and poop! But believe it or not, teaching three puppies at the same time was pretty awesome! My daughter, who was my co-parent and trainer, spent every day with them while I was work. When they learned something new, they learned it together! To this day when you say "Potty off the deck!" all three (actually all five, now four) would turn and run off the deck together tandem-style!  Watching them, I still cannot believe they are now considered &q