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Woo! It's Doggy Doughnut Day!

If you know a Siberian Husky, or any dog for that matter, food is an instant path to their hearts! Here at FiveSibes, Chloe is our not only our pack sweetheart and the most vocal, she is also a major foodie dog! Here she is in her glory getting ready to munch on a special hand-crafted, all natural doggy doughnut made by Sassy's Goodies (who is also the maker of the fundraiser treat for Epi-dogs, "Gib Nibs" named after our beloved furangel Gibson)! Can you say "nommmmmmmmm?!" While any day is a good day for a doughnut, in honor of it being National Doughnut Day, today's flashback photo is a pretty recent one dating all the way back to last month when our Huskies first tried (and loved) Sassy's delicious doggy doughnuts! And for the humans, check out your local and national doughnut shops--many have specials and offers of a free doughnut today! Mmmmm... You're Invited to Join Us!   Share your fave pics from Memory Lane from yestery