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Welcome to the 5Sibes Ranch! We're Celebrating Hu-Nanny's 94th Birthday, Cowgirl-Style at the Blogville Rodeo! Ye-Hah!

Marshall Gentleman Gib is in town! Yee-hah! What a fantastic day today is!!! First, it's the FiveSibes Hu-Nanny's 94th Birthday!!! Woooo! And what better way to celebrate than cowgirl-style in our Blogville's Rodeo! The horses are saddled up, we've packed up our gear, and ready to head out on the trails for a some good ol' fashioned cowboy and cowgirl fun! So let's move 'em on up, ride 'em out, and keep those doggies movin' as we head on out on the range for some rodeo fun! My father was a cowboy in Montana during his youth when he was serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCCs). In his spare time, he "broke in" - trained - wild mules and horses. When I was 11,  my family traded in the city life and moved to upstate New York and on a parcel of 10-acres of land. Right after our house was built, the first thing my dad did was bring home some horses! Our very first one - Tennessee - was a 23-year-old Standardbred Pacer who was sl