Thursday, July 9, 2015

Welcome to the 5Sibes Ranch! We're Celebrating Hu-Nanny's 94th Birthday, Cowgirl-Style at the Blogville Rodeo! Ye-Hah!

Marshall Gentleman Gib is in town!
Yee-hah! What a fantastic day today is!!! First, it's the FiveSibes Hu-Nanny's 94th Birthday!!! Woooo! And what better way to celebrate than cowgirl-style in our Blogville's Rodeo! The horses are saddled up, we've packed up our gear, and ready to head out on the trails for a some good ol' fashioned cowboy and cowgirl fun! So let's move 'em on up, ride 'em out, and keep those doggies movin' as we head on out on the range for some rodeo fun!

My father was a cowboy in Montana during his youth when he was serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCCs). In his spare time, he "broke in" - trained - wild mules and horses. When I was 11,  my family traded in the city life and moved to upstate New York and on a parcel of 10-acres of land. Right after our house was built, the first thing my dad did was bring home some horses! Our very first one - Tennessee - was a 23-year-old Standardbred Pacer who was slated for the slaughterhouse until my dad stepped up and said, "She's coming home with me! And then along came a Palomino Quarter Horse named Golden Girl, Goldie for short. 

FiveSibesMom says, "Hi-Yo, Silver!"
Then a little Albino Appaloosa named, what else, Silver, of course (Hi-yo, Silver!) Dusty the Thoroughbred colt, and Ginger and Blaze, the ponies, followed. The Western music of the Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Frankie Laine, and other cowboy singers filled our home. My dad taught me to ride Western, and I went on to become a professional Equestrian - riding, training, and showing horses all through my teen years. After my father passed, when I was just 14, our horses were my best friends. There truly is something special between a girl and her horse! I was proud to carry on the cowboy tradition in my home! While my Mom was not a rider (she was thrown off a horse at a riding academy in her youth), she was so supportive and would always attend my horse shows, being right there with my horse and I in the 98 degree heat! On the day I took Reserve Western Championship on the Morgan horse I trained myself, I was so proud my Mom was right there watching and cheering us on! And I know my Dad was smiling down at me from his big ranch in the sky!

So, let me just say when Blogville decided to throw a Rodeo, me and my FiveSibes were SO excited! Lots of wooping and wooing going on! So here's how we are spending Rodeo Day in Blogville:

First up, we got branded over at Sarge's STAMPede! We designed the FiveSibes brand based on...our Huskies of course!  (and I think we'll be adding it to our blog signature line from now on!) Sarge branded our very first cow! Woo! Thanks, Sarge, for the cool 5Sibes Ranch lettering, too! Wouldn't that look awesome hanging over our Ranch's entryway!

She's cute! We are going to call her Bessie!

Our Albino Appaloosa "Silver" was up next!
"Whoaaaa! There's a brand on my rump!"

Then we headed over to the horse ring for some showmanship classes (yep, that's FiveSibesMom up on her horse, Jubilo James!)

And then, it was time for some Bronco Bustin' over at Frankie & Ernie's...and...then Barrell Racing over at Murphy & Stanley's...and then off to showmanship classes with my baby Morgan stallion I trained when he was two, Sam's Willow Comet, nicknamed "Sam." Same always thought he was a big dog! Followed my Mom and around, loved to nuzzle our necks, and he loved to be pet! I loved the cowgirl life!

It's a bit warm and we're all parched from galloping out in the sun...time to head over to Whitley's Saloon!

Looks like the FiveSibes Wild Bunch beat me and my trusty steed to the Saloon! Looks like Saloon Madam Harley is pretty busy with Wild West Wolf, Bandlands Bandit, and Prarie Girl Chloe already there! Good thing Marshall Gentleman Gib is there to keep things from getting unruly! 

After wetting our whistles, we are headin' on over to Hu-Nanny's ranch to celebrate her 94th Birthday! Woo! (That means ice cream cake!)

Time for Silver and FiveSibesMom to leave y'all with some Cowgirl Wisdom of our own:

For my Pa...for all those great cowboy stories and Western songs you shared with me as a young girl...

Many thanks to our hosts and fellow cowboys and cowgirls for such a rib-ticklin' day! There are so many exciting events going on today at the Blogville Rodeo, please be sure to visit the blogs below to see all the special events they are hosting! Woooo! Now go grab your Stetsons, brush off your chaps, hop on your horses, and head on over to the Rodeo grounds! Giddyap now!


  1. Dear 5 Sibes...oh how we love your Rodeo post and your STAMPede. I have decided it might just have to be my new signature...since I have no thumbs
    Hugs Cowgirl Madi from the Double D ranch

    1. Thank you, Madi and Mom! We loved your rodeo clowns and both of your STAMPedes!!!

  2. Happy day Hu-Nanny!

    NukNuk & Family

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hu-Nanny. And we love your STAMPede :)

    1. Thank you so much Laika! And our Hu-Nanny says thanks for the birthday wishes, too!

  4. What a wonderful Rodeo post!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss..Happy Birthday Hu-Nanny

    1. Thanks so much Dory and the Mama! And our Hu-Nanny thanks you for the birthday wishes, too!

  5. OMD!!! What a FABulous story!!!! And Happy Happy Happy Burthday to HuNanny!!! I bets its the loves of Horses and all furiends that keeps her young!
    And I LOVES your Stampede! Pawfect!!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Ruby! And Hu-Nanny thanks you too, for her special wishes! We just loved Rodeo day!

  6. The Rodeo was so fun!!
    Happy Birthday!!

    Ziggy Out!!