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'Tis the Season for Greeting Cards! Recycle Those Used Stamps To Help Dogs in Need!

Christmas Flashback Moment: Wolf 2015 Shhhhh...we're strolling down a snowy Memory Lane and peeking through the Flashback window to the inside of our FiveSibes homestead at Christmastime, when our Huskies were all excited about getting and receiving holiday cards! (I always joke, but am quite serious, they received FAR more cards than us humans do!)   Flashback Friday Photo Moment: Wolf & Gib 2014 I t's fond past moments like these that brings loved ones back for a brief visit. While all my FiveSibes seem to get more excited during the holidays, Gibson was our holiday Husky elf! He seemed to always enjoy sporting his jingling-jangling reindeer collar (or humoring his hu-mom!) and spreading Christmas cheer wherever he strolled! Greeting cards are a favorite of mine. I will admit, that since the passing of my mother and Gibson three years ago, I hit the pause button on sending out greetings. In the top photo of Wolf with their many cards in their "mai