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Happy Birthday to Pupster, Wolfie! And a Gift of Snow from Furangel Pupsters Bandit & Chloe

  Wolfie is a teenager!   Woo! Today is our Pupsters' birthday! Wolfie turns 13! It's a bittersweet day as it is wonderful to celebrate our boy Wolf becoming a "teenager"...we certainly miss his two sisters, littermates Bandit and Chloe. This birthday gone as all the chaos and excitement of three Huskies sharing the same birthdate together since they were pups! Oh, those crazy fun-filled birthdays! But I am happy my boy is here sharing this special day. It was much quieter, but ice cream cake time still brings the same excitement as it always has with all three. My grandson, Wolf's human brother and best buddy, excitedly helped me prepare the ice cream cake!      Then, when the cake was ready, my grandson sang "Happy Birthday, Wolfie" as he brought him his treat! Oh, how this touched my heart. Seeing their bond is something truly special and has certainly helped Wolf heal from his loss of his sisters.   Wolfie and I also took a nice walk and played out

And Then There Was Only One...How's Wolfie?

One sure is a lonely number. When you have spent a portion of your lifetime with five, fun-loving, crazy, rambunctious, howling Siberian Huskies who loved being together every day, you know somewhere in the back of your mind that having five all around the same age--three of them littermates, so three who are the same age--one day down the road, heartbreak was waiting; times five. We are now at four angels, with just one Pupster left, Wolfgang. Dear, sweet, beta-to-the-max Wolfie. Losing Bandit, a definite alpha and boss girl, so suddenly has left our dear sweet baby boy a mess. Being the last Husky standing sucks for him. While I stepped up going for walks and getting in lots of extra hugs and chats, I am not his sister Bandit. I am not his other sister Chloe. I am not his "momma" Harley, and I am not his big bro Gibson. And Wolfie misses snuggling with his pack family. Since September of last year, it has been just him and Bandit. They made the move with us and adjusted so

Remembering Gibson on His Birthday

    Today is a special date—my furangel Gibson’s birthday. I’ve been thinking a lot about of my very special boy, Gibson—my heart dog—on what would be his 15 th Birthday (unbelievably his sixth birthday north of the Rainbow Bridge). This amazing dog inspired me, and so many others, with his zest for life, and his determination and grit to overcome so many health obstacles along his journey with Canine Epilepsy. Diagnosed shortly after his third birthday, Gibson never let having #epilepsy keep him down! He enjoyed so many things—he just loved life! He loved spending his days with the rest of our #FiveSibes pack: his true love Harley (who he was smitten with from the moment he came home and met her!), and younger siblings Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit. He was their big fluffy pillow they loved to all spoon around! Gib also had a great sense of humor! He was truly a beautiful “old soul” and if you’ve followed my blog, my spirit animal for sure.   Gibson’s journey insp