Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Happy Birthday to Pupster, Wolfie! And a Gift of Snow from Furangel Pupsters Bandit & Chloe


Wolfie is a teenager!
Woo! Today is our Pupsters' birthday! Wolfie turns 13! It's a bittersweet day as it is wonderful to celebrate our boy Wolf becoming a "teenager"...we certainly miss his two sisters, littermates Bandit and Chloe. This birthday gone as all the chaos and excitement of three Huskies sharing the same birthdate together since they were pups! Oh, those crazy fun-filled birthdays! But I am happy my boy is here sharing this special day. It was much quieter, but ice cream cake time still brings the same excitement as it always has with all three.

My grandson, Wolf's human brother and best buddy, excitedly helped me prepare the ice cream cake! 
Then, when the cake was ready, my grandson sang "Happy Birthday, Wolfie" as he brought him his treat! Oh, how this touched my heart. Seeing their bond is something truly special and has certainly helped Wolf heal from his loss of his sisters.
Wolfie and I also took a nice walk and played out on the deck...and you know how I talk about signs from our loved ones? Well, right on cue as I left Wolf out on the deck in the morning, a soft snow began to fall for about 15 minutes. A gift to Wolf from Chloe and Bandit? A sign that they having birthday zoomies north of the Rainbow Bridge with Harley and Gibson and stopped by for their birthday? Either way, it truly is a gift from above and let's us know that our loved ones are never far away.
Woo! Mom, do you see this?
It's snow!!!

Woooo! Thank you, Bandit and Chloe 
for the sign! 
Happy Birthday to you both, too. 
I miss youuuuuuu! #PupstersForever!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, Wolfie. While you may be in your golden years, you are always my baby boy. 
And Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge to my other two pupsters, Bandit and Chloe. Your sign of falling snow assures us that you are indeed celebrating with snow zoomies and always walk by your brother, Wolfie's side. You both are missed very much. Hope there is ice cream cake where you are!
 Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken 
Through Space nor Time
What do you think? Do you believe fellow pupsters Chloe and Bandit sent the snow as a sign?
A Fond look back at past Pupsters' Birthdays:
The Pupsters' very first birthday!

 When they were just wee Pupsters! 
How cute they were!

Celebrating birthdays FiveSibes style in the good ol' days!
The last birthday the three Pupsters' celebrated together: 


  1. Happy Birthday from all of us Wolfie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wolfie from all of us!!! What a wonderful present from the Angels!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Oh my gosh, Dorothy, my eyes have teared up so much reading this touching birthday tribute! Happy 13th Birthday to beautiful, sweet Wolfie! I definitely believe his pupster siblings sent him that snow to let him know they love him & are with him - and You! My girls just turned 12 and I'll be posting their birthday celebration very soon. Both are 12!! Where did all the time go??

  4. Chloe and Bandit were thinking of you, Wolfie! We hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thinking of all of you. <3

  5. Thirteen looks pretty darn good on you, Wolfie! Happy Bark Day.

  6. Happy birthday Wolfie. Thank you for your comment on my late Riley's blog. Hopefull all the ones we have loved, who are no longer with us, are soemwhere together playing and having lots of fun, and still making us smile whenever we think of what they got up to over the years!

  7. That looks like it was a great birthday Wolfie!! And thank you for visiting our blog!

    Your friend Rosie