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It's the Dog Crazy Meet the Bloggers Getting to Know You Blog Hop! Come on By!

For today's post, I'm joining in "Meet the Bloggers, " a fabulous networking and "get to know the blogger behind the pet" event! At the end of this post is a list of today's hosts, so I hope you'll be sure to pop over and visit their blogs, as well as all the "hoppers!"  First up, they asked for a photo, so here's one my daughter shot of me on my birthday this year with my five Siberian Huskies, for which this blog is named after!   My FiveSibes & I: Harley, Gibson, Chloe, Wolf & Bandit These are questions we were asked to answer so all those who are joining in the hop can get visit and get to know each other outside of our furkids! We were asked to answer a selection of questions and these some I thought I'd chat about! Meet the Bloggers (MtB): What’s your favorite non-animal related book?   FiveSibesMom (FSM): I have many! However, I did love The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. (Yes, I know there wer