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#FlashbackFriday: Bandit and the Three Beds

FiveSibes #Flashback ~ Bandit & Chloe ~ 2015   Oh, these Pupsters! Bandit was always, always the tricky one...her moniker fit her thieving ways! Whether it was new toys for all, which she stole and laid on, or new beds for all...Bandit, as quick as Robin Hood, stole it all. Only she didn't give to the poor, she gave to herself! And funny part of it all--all of the others let her do it! Every now and again alpha queen Harley would stroll over and snatch one back I think to just remind them who was really the boss of the pack family, and when she did, Bandit would roll over and surrender! But only to Harley, their "momma." The other two Pupster siblings, Chloe and Wolf, either ignored her, or if you can picture them rolling their blue eyes thinking "Whatever!"-- they did!  Pictured above, is our dear Bandit making herself at home on the pile of new beds I had just brought home. Like Goldilocks, she had tested each one out first, then watched me as I stacked t