Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Irene!

The Scene: The FiveSibes stepping out onto the deck and greeting the sunshine after being indoors for 12 hours straight during the storm:

We hope all our furpals and their families who were in Irene's path are all safe and sound.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Husky on Hurricane Watch

As our Chloe keeps an eye on the storm here, we sincerely hope all of our furpals and their 
hu-families in the path of Hurricane Irene, as well as all the emergency responders and volunteers, are safe and sound.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cesar Millan's Birthday Wish to Help Homeless & Abandoned Dogs and Promote Children's Educational Curriculum for Schools

Woos! Happy Birthday, Cesar!
Happy Birthday to the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan! His birthday wish is to raise, "$42,000 to support dogs through The Millan Foundation. Your donations will go towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs, as well as the expansion of the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum that uses dogs to help teach children social and emotional learning in schools." What a great wish! Even if we can't donate money, by helping to spread the word of his birthday wish, we can hopefully help raise funds for these great programs that benefit our furry pals and hu-kids too! 

Just a reminder that my original Hurricane Disaster Pet Preparedness post from Thursday has been updated with other sites and resources that may be of assistance if you or someone you know is affected by Hurricane Irene. Just remember, no one is alone. There are some pretty wonderful people out there willing to help folks and their pets. Many shelters are now allowing pets to stay with their hu-family - just be sure to ask so you know ahead of time.  And a good tip from another site is to be sure to have their updated vaccination records with you as the evac shelter may request to see them. I have also listed in the blog tips, links, organizations, and a page for pet housing. All very valuable information brought to us by caring folks. Stay safe everyone.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy National Dog Day! The Top 10 Things I've Learned From My Husky "Kids"

Today is National Dog Day and what a great day it is! As any dog parent can attest, having a dog (or several) in our lives is such a wonderful thing. The bonds and connections we share with our furkids is just amazing and one of the truest things we can experience in life. Here's hoping today is a wonderful day for all our furry pals. Have a treat, play a game, get a big hug and kiss, stop by a rescue or shelter and play with a lonely, homeless dog (or adopt one!), and know today is their special day! So celebrate! I know we will be celebrating today, and everyday, the fact we have seven wonderful loving furbabies in our family, five Huskies and two stray cats. For more info on National Dog Day (founded by celebrity pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige & sponsored by Animal Miracle Foundation & Network) check out the National Dog Day's website and Facebook page too! 

I would like to take a moment to reiterate from last year, my list (in no particular order) of the Top 10 Things I've Learned From My Husky "Kids" that I feel has made me a better human:

  1.  I’ve learned how to enjoy the more simpler things in life: the touch of a breeze, a beam of sunlight stretching across the deck, a butterfly as it flutters by, the feel of raindrops tapping my face, the smell of blooming flowers, the coolness of grass, the sound of fresh snow crunching under foot, and the taste of quietly falling snowflakes.
  2. I appreciate food (even more so than before).
  3. I am reminded how wonderful snuggling together can be. 
  4. I’ve learned how to be a kid again and play. Topping my list are running in the yard, splashing in mud puddles, running through a sprinkler, playing Sibe football, engaging in an enthusiastic game of Slide the Sibe (between the Hu-parent’s legs), and Fetch. 
  5. I’ve learned how to naturally de-stress: hanging out and relaxing with my daughter and with a Sibe under each hand, each leg, and one across my lap at the end of a long day (or anytime) is pure bliss and the best way to unwind. 
  6. I totally understand the meaning of trust and undying loyalty. 
  7. I’ve learned even more about the meaning of patience and unconditional love.
  8. I’ve learned a new language, Siberian Husky-ease, that I love to listen to, and occasionally speak. 
  9. I appreciate all things music – including the various octaves of the Sibes howling their hauntingly beautiful wolfsongs.
  10. I totally appreciate Husky hugs and kisses for the priceless gems they are.
There are just so many wonderful things we can learn from our dogs. While everyday is "Dog Day," for most of us lucky hu-parents, let's use today to repledge our promise to be the best hu-parents and caregivers we can be to our own furkids, to remember all the K9 soldiers and therapy dogs working out there, and to help bring awareness to the all-too-many homeless ones still out there waiting to to be adopted and loved by someone in a forever home.

"It is the Human Condition to Love.
It is Love that Changes the Human Condition.
It is the Love of one Human that can 
Change a Nation.
It is that Love which empowers one Nation, 
to save man's best friend."
~ Colleen Paige - Founder of National Dog Day

* * * * * * * * *

Hurricane Irene Information Reminder: A good source to keep checking for hurricane tracking, pet-friendly shelters, willing foster care, and other pertinent information is the Hurricane Irene 2011 Animal Rescue Resource Page. Please see yesterday's blog entry for tips and other important resources. Be safe everyone.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Disaster Pet Preparedness

With the impending hurricane and storm warnings, please do not leave your pets behind! Some helpful tips include making a checklist that includes your pet(s). Have leashes, pet collars w/ID tags, meds, carriers/crates, car seatbelts, blankets, several days worth of food and water, current photos of your pets, and emergency info ready to go along with your own emergency plan. Have your pet's vaccination records with you in case evac shelters need to see them. Let other family members know of your plan. Have contact phone numbers with you. Charge your cell phone batteries and have a battery or car charger back-up. Have a flashlight and portable radio with fresh batteries handy. Be sure your vehicle has pet seatbelts or pet restraints and that your fuel tank is full in case of evacuation.
Be sure to ask if the shelters accept pets, even though there are many that do...there are some who do not!
Remember, you are not alone. There are agencies and folks available to help. For great resources, storm tracking, and much more be sure to check out the Animal Rescue Resource Page on Facebook.  
For an individual state listing of pet housing available - or if you can offer some safe space for pets during Hurricane - check out the Events Page on the Animal Rescue Resource Page.
You can also visit the Humane Society of the United States, and there is much information on the FEMA website, & ASPCA website and The Weather Channel's Preparing Pets for Weather Emergenices website, so be sure to click in and read what to do for pets for disaster preparedness. 
Check the Animal Shelters and Rescues Needing Help During Hurricane Irene Facebook page to see if you can help.
 If residing or visiting New York City, check out the Office of Emergency Management for info and a printable guide in 11 languages for Ready New York: Hurricane Guide and also a Ready New York: Pets Guide in 4 languages.
Humans can also check the  American Red Cross for more info. 
Do you want to know where Hurricane Irene is? Check the Weather Channel's Hurricane Tracker.
 Also, if a pet is lost or found during the hurricane, a Hurricane Irene Lost & Found Pets Facebook page is a good place to check.
 Above all...let's be safe out there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Sweet Sleepy Sibe on Shadow Shot Sunday

A very cozy Wolf.

~Edwina Reizer 

Sleepy-eyed and tire
your head is nodding now
You've played so hard all day long.
I caress your brow.
The vigor of youth shows me the truth
that your dreams will probably bring
songs to sing and happy things... 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Construction Zoomies

"Wooooo! It's zoomie time!"

What's five Siberian Huskies to do when the main yard has been off limits due to being under construction for a deck extension for over a month? Throw in too many incredibly hot days with heat indexes over 105 degrees Farenheit, and exercise has been pretty much limited to lounging on the deck, chomping on the deck rails, splashing in the pool, making their own entryway from the deck into the house via a six-inch space next to the a/c in the dining room window frame, chewing the trim off the back door, chewing the aluminum siding on the back of the house, finding and chewing up stripped pine cones, bringing rocks on the deck, chewing up the mail on the kitchen table, sitting on top of the kitchen table, chewing on the window blinds to get a better look at Mr. Contractor, sleeping in the air conditioned house, and rolling over to a different snooze spot in the air conditioned house. Summer can really zap a Sibe's energy.

So, today, when the temps dropped to a wonderfully refreshing 70 degrees for a short time after some rain, they all headed outdoors and were enticed into a rigorous and very verbal round of smaller yard and deck zoomies by none other than the alpha queen momma, Harley!

I thought all was well until I found this note tucked into one of their dog dishes:

Dear Mom. 
Please get the deck done soon so we can run again. 
We have a bad case of the zoomies and playing 
on the deck just isn't cutting it. 
We are Huskies woo know, 
and we are very bored now. 
But we still love woo!  
Pawed, The FiveSibes

Dear Mr. Contractor.
Huskies should never ever be bored; it's dangerous to material things. So, please, hurry up and finish!
Signed, FiveSibesMom

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please Vote for Wolf as THE "Dirty Dog!"

Calling all furpals and their hu-families! Wolf of the FiveSibes needs your help! He is entered into the Surf Dog Ricochet's "Dirty Dog" Photo Contest and sure could use your vote to help our Mud Monster have a shot at the "Dirty Dog" title! We only have until Friday night to gather votes! We have two photos entered that show how this pure white Husky can certainly camouflage himself and transform into the Mud Monster when the rainy season comes! There is not a mud puddle he doesn't enjoy!

All you have to do to help Wolf is go to the Surf Dog Ricochet's Facebook page,  click on the link there for the Dirty Dog Photo Contest album, find Wolf's two pics (you can click here too), and "Like" them! That's it! Vote for the "Shy Mud Monster Face" photo shown above and then go right to the next photo that is a full-body "Mud Monster" photo shown below and "Like" that one, too. However, you will need to "Like" Wolf's actual photos (and not the album itself) in order for the vote to count. 

Voting is open until the end of Friday! 

Woos and Thank Yous to all for helping this sweet mud-loving Husky earn a title that is a perfect fit for him...that of "Dirty Dog!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sky Gazing on a Shadow Shot Sunday

"May flowers always line your path 
and sunshine light your day. 
May songbirds serenade you 
every step along the way. 
May a rainbow run beside you 
in a sky that's always blue. 
And may happiness fill your heart 
each day your whole life through." 
~Irish Blessing  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Blowing (Fur) in the Wind...

"Is that all my fur???"
Calling all fellow Sibe (and furry canine) owners! Let us join together to celebrate...the continuing shedding season! Oh, yes, we are a hu-parenthood of folks who prepare for this twice a year by getting out the groomer's phone number and/or your own grooming tools: the pet blow dryer, the combs, brushes, and rakes, the special de-shedding shampoos, and my main weapon of choice - the ever-needed, ever-fabulous pet fur & lint rollers I am always armed with for their constant fur deposits to our clothes and furniture!

As a hu-parenthood, we are all familiar with terms such as "fur tumbleweeds," "finger-plucking or finger-raking," "Don't shake!" and the ever-popular, "Get me the lint roller!" Even after a (constant) clean sweep of the house and deck, a simple stroll into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee leaves swirling mists of fur kissing my bare feet, as rolling white tumbleweeds gently make their way across the floor. Flip the ceiling fan on, and Hello! Sibe fur swirls all around my face, eagerly greeting me for the day. Step out onto the (their) deck, and the fur gets really excited, clammering for human attention as it swirls about my every movement, floating through the air giving the effect of light snow, hence the phrase I use a lot, "snow furries." Some of the fur on the deck floor even hurriedly clusters into huge masses, like gangs of hu-fans at a rock concert.You know what I'm talking about! 

And just in case you are new to this wonderful (if not furry) world of the Siberian Husky, here for your viewing pleasure, is a little slideshow with just a little sample what shedding season is like! Popcorn anyone? Oh wait, is that fur in the bowl???

It seems as though this summer season is taking a toll on their shedding. They are shedding more and longer it seems, most likely from all the extremely hot days when they were basking in the A/C; guess the cooler temps faked the fur into thinking it was needed! And even before the last bits of undercoat will be shimmied out through their finer top coats, their new winter coats begin to grow. It's a timeless cycle Sibe owners learn to embrace. Which I do. So, here I stroll through the swirling mists of fur and smile as I sip my coffee and reach down to greet my five beautiful, happy faces and engage in some human chit-chat and Husky woos.

Then I begin the several-times daily routine of grooming and plucking and sweeping and sweeping and sweeping. All the while thinking about the different things to do with their fur. I am packaging up their sheds and will be sending it off for a recycled use. What will that use be? You'll have to read a later post for that! ;-)

"Where are woo sending my fur???"

Shedding's a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pool Pawty Time!

The Dog Days of Summer certainly are upon us! In between the days of lounging in the air condition, the FiveSibes get a few early AM or late PM dips in the pool to expend some of that infamous Siberian Husky energy with some splashin' pool zoomies! make matters even more exciting, today is blog furpal Sugar's 10th Birthday! Well, the FiveSibes were just so excited, they decided to have  a little virtual pool pawty in celebration of Sugar's special day that we hope you will enjoy watching. Happy Birthday, Sugar! Now, jump on in furpals, the water is fine!

Happy Birthday to woooo, Sugar! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Sibe Speak

We all know how much Sibes loves to woo and talk. Here is a little video of my boy Gibson saying what he loves to say best - "Luv Woo!" - with a little prompting from Hu-Mom (so bear with that!) 

Happy Saturday!

 This is a blog hop, so be sure to pop by and visit some of these other great blogs!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Luna Lives!

If you have been following the story of Luna, the Siberian Husky, I'm sure many, just as myself, have had more than just heartstrings tugged. The story of Luna is basically this: Husky gets loose and kills a few chickens in a neighbor's yard. Husky is taken into custody and issued a death sentence. Husky's owner is ready to follow through with the order to have her PTS, but (thankfully) has a change of heart and hires an attorney to fight Husky's case. In the meantime, droves of Husky owners and animal lovers come forward in support of saving Luna, and there is even a "Save Luna" Facebook page. And then...the best news ever was announced today when the ruling came down...Luna Lives!!!

Here is news recap of the case:

So, if we even think for a moment that there is no power in the "Power of the Paw" and the "Power of the Pen," and say to ourselves, "what's the use?" then this story of Luna, the Siberian Husky, should convince naysayers that it does indeed work. Maybe not all the time, but when it does, it's a wonderful thing. When people join together and rally for those animals who can not speak, miracles can and do happen. Such as the case of Luna, who was simply doing what came natural to her - following her prey instinct. This is a story that has a happy ending. Not like last year's story of Bear-Bear. While I am not condoning animals getting into neighbors' yards or killing other animals, what I am saying is that there are a lot of avenues to helping, and being sentenced to death is absolutely not one of them. 

Here is some great video footage of Luna's happy release from "prison." She is greeted by loud cheers and the puparazzi!


I'd like to send out a giant round of "a-paws" to Luna's hu-family for deciding to fight for her life, to the attorney who took on the case and won, to the wonderful lady who came forward to foster Luna and help fight to free her, to the rescue who took her into their home, to the organization that put up her "ransom," to the thousands of supporters, and also to the media and journalists who did a great and responsible thing by bringing Luna's story to the public.

Luna, may your triumphant case send out a message far and wide so that humans are not so quick on the death sentence judgment and that they consider all options available for the best possible outcome. And even though you are not allowed to remain in your hometown, may you live happy forever in your new home.