Friday, August 19, 2011

Construction Zoomies

"Wooooo! It's zoomie time!"

What's five Siberian Huskies to do when the main yard has been off limits due to being under construction for a deck extension for over a month? Throw in too many incredibly hot days with heat indexes over 105 degrees Farenheit, and exercise has been pretty much limited to lounging on the deck, chomping on the deck rails, splashing in the pool, making their own entryway from the deck into the house via a six-inch space next to the a/c in the dining room window frame, chewing the trim off the back door, chewing the aluminum siding on the back of the house, finding and chewing up stripped pine cones, bringing rocks on the deck, chewing up the mail on the kitchen table, sitting on top of the kitchen table, chewing on the window blinds to get a better look at Mr. Contractor, sleeping in the air conditioned house, and rolling over to a different snooze spot in the air conditioned house. Summer can really zap a Sibe's energy.

So, today, when the temps dropped to a wonderfully refreshing 70 degrees for a short time after some rain, they all headed outdoors and were enticed into a rigorous and very verbal round of smaller yard and deck zoomies by none other than the alpha queen momma, Harley!

I thought all was well until I found this note tucked into one of their dog dishes:

Dear Mom. 
Please get the deck done soon so we can run again. 
We have a bad case of the zoomies and playing 
on the deck just isn't cutting it. 
We are Huskies woo know, 
and we are very bored now. 
But we still love woo!  
Pawed, The FiveSibes

Dear Mr. Contractor.
Huskies should never ever be bored; it's dangerous to material things. So, please, hurry up and finish!
Signed, FiveSibesMom


  1. Oh my goodness, I hope your contractor gets the message and hurries up and finishes. In the mean time, You all should just keep playing and taking lots of pictures cause you are all soooo good looking.


  2. You poor puppies!! Having to live life on the deck...for a whole month...while you chew the rest of the house to pieces...that contractor is never going to be able to leave!!! bol!!

  3. That's a lot of pent-up energy! I hope the deck get finished real soon! And the weather stays cooler for now too!

  4. Dear Sibe pals, we so understand your pain and boredom. Same here with all the roof being done. Then it got too hot for zoomies anyway. Now we hear there will be outside painters working and our outside zoomies will once again be restricted:( We have heat back again too, so we are very jealous of your cool temps.

    Happy Saturday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. You tell that SLOW Contrator to get WITH the Program.

  6. Fur a minute.. thought woo were doing your own remodeling.. geesh why not. Mistah Contractor dude isn't in any hurry! hope it stays cool fur ya!


  7. Glad you guys found a way to entertain yourselves :)


  8. We sure hope your contractor gets the job done quick!! We are still dealing with one in our backyard and it's 4 months and still going...or should we say no going!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  9. Cool weather was made for Sibe zoomies! I can't wait to hear about the Halloween fun ;)

  10. Woo 5 sure have been busy! We had a couple months of "deck construction" here too. We're glad to say we survived (and so did our humans) and it was worth the wait. We're sure yours will be too. Your humans wouldn't torture woo for all that time if it wasn't going to be worthwhile!

    jack & moo

  11. haha...hope the construction crew finishes up soon.

  12. OOOH! I know how you're feeling about construction! We don't like it either!!

    Hope it'll be finished soon. :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)