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Flashback Friday: Thank You, Vet Techs!

We are a week late for National Vet Tech Week (October 15-21), so we are highlighting it for our Flashback Friday as my Sibes and I wanted to be sure to recognize all the amazing Vet Techs out there who care so loving care for our pets and assist our vets! I am especially grateful to all our FiveSibes Vet Techs at Kingston Animal Hospital who have continuously over the years love and care for our Husky babies. They are not just our furbabies' caregivers, they are family!  Our Flashback Friday photo of two of our Sibes,  Harley & Gibson, with two of their favorite  VTs, June & Jessica! Vet Techs, we cheer for you! Here is our video featuring some of our (p)awesome Vet Techs caring for my FiveSibes and they were key members of our amazing vet team for helping to keep my beloved now Epi-angel Gibson, as well as my other four Huskies healthy! Also a special shout-out to research specialist Julie Nettifee, RVT, BS, VTS (Neurology) at the North Carolina Stat