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Trainspotting on a FiveSibes Flashback Friday!

Gibson trainspotting circa 2012! Gibson and I used to love our walks together. It was our special time together away from the rest of the pack. With Canine Epilepsy, he had side effects from the medications including bouts of hind end weakness and an eventual torn CCL, which we treated with Conservative Care Management so he did not have to go through surgery and risk triggering an onset of seizures. As part of his rehab, we went on many slow and easy walks together. And he was the very best walker! He never pulled, he always was right by my side. We had so many wonderful conversations, and yes, I know he understood every word I was saying, and his eyes conveyed his words. We had that kind of a special bond. I always said he was truly my spirit animal. I like to believe he still is, and always will be. During our walks, Gibson especially enjoyed going down to watch the trains go by, as in these photos. It always amazed me that it never frightened him being so close, he jus