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Rallying Siberian Husky Lovers! Vote to Get the Husky into the Top AKC "12 Breeds of Christmas" Top Spot!

Woooo! We are pretty excited that through all the voting, the Siberian Husky breed has been selected as one of the American Kennel Club's "12 Breeds of Christmas!" Now...AKC is looking to choose THE top breed of Christmas by posting a different breed each day from now until December 23 and on December 12...the voting is open for one day only just for the Siberian Husky! Just visit the AKC Facebook page HERE, look for the post with the Siberian Husky and "like" it, leave a comment something like "Go Huskies!" or "Siberian Huskies are #1!" and then share the link with all your Siberian Husky loving friends!  We only have one day to get all our votes, comments, and likes in on that one post, so be sure to set your alarms!  This contest by the AKC is all for fun, but just how perfect is it to have a snow dog like the Siberian Husky, a born sled dog, be the "AKC's #1 Breed of Christmas?" After all, Huskies were bred to p