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Puppies Are Not Toys! And An ASPCA Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway!

Tha nks, Free Spirit Siberian Husky Rescue for this message . This holiday season , we are joining in the effort to educate folks on not getting puppies or dogs for a Chris tm as present unless they've fully done their homework on the breed ...and not to buy one from a pet store ( and not to support puppy mills). Please take a few minutes to take the ASPCA's " No Pet Store Puppies" pledge and share with others in case they are not aware. If  you know of someone who is not aware of what pupp y mills are, have them check out th e Humane Society of America's website . A pupp y mill is no life for a dog. If we all join together to reinforce the information that too many puppies are given for gifts for the "awwww" factor, then are sadly dumped or abandoned soon after the last of the decorations are packed away, then may be we can save a life . If you know of someone who is thinking about giving a child a puppy this holiday season, please consider