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Comparative Studies in K9 & Human Epilepsy: Triggers, Trials & Tribulations. Can Solar Flares, Lunar Phases & Weather Trigger Seizures?

  Read "News" Below For Podcasts, Webinars, Open Clinical Trials & Grant News   *Article updated 01-25-2024   A solar eclipse. A full moon. A lunar eclipse. Severe storms. Devastating hurricanes. Geomagnetic or Solar Storms. And on those times where there are both a super full moon and a lunar eclipse. All of these activities can have an affect on dogs who experience seizures .   Lunar Eclipse & Full Moons   While the effects of such lunar activity seems to be debatable, people who have Epi-dogs that have been triggered know different. According to Meaghan Callahan, DVM, MS, CVA (Veterinarian and Acupuncturist at Pebble Creek Animal Hospital in Tampa, Florida) in an article in, " There is, in fact, anecdotal evidence revealing changes in animal behavioral dating back over 700 years. There is so much we, as scientists, do not yet understand about the interactions of the solar system and it’s effects on the animal kingdom,