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Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner Review #ChewyInfuencer

Woooo, come on, Mom, says Chloe. Open up the cans! With the New Year, many of us set a goal to eat better, shed a few pounds, and feel healthier. Well, the same goes for our beloved dogs! Here at FiveSibes, our Siberian Huskies' weight has always been fairly easy to maintain. Except for one--our dear, sweet Chloe. She breaks all the rules. She will eat anything and everything, and she does not have a full switch! She automatically knows when it is dinner time, and for meals and snacks she is always the first one front and center, verbally reminding us exactly what time it is!  Woo! Our Chewy food came! She will also sneak in to clean the others' bowls of any leftovers, and even sometimes sneaks in to eat while they are just to get some more tidbits of food! I have to monitor her food intake as she will have it inhaled before the others' dishes are even set down. Our brand choice of dog food just happens to be Blue Buffalo, although, I have never tried the Homest