Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner Review #ChewyInfuencer

Woooo, come on, Mom, says Chloe. Open up the cans!

With the New Year, many of us set a goal to eat better, shed a few pounds, and feel healthier. Well, the same goes for our beloved dogs! Here at FiveSibes, our Siberian Huskies' weight has always been fairly easy to maintain. Except for one--our dear, sweet Chloe. She breaks all the rules. She will eat anything and everything, and she does not have a full switch! She automatically knows when it is dinner time, and for meals and snacks she is always the first one front and center, verbally reminding us exactly what time it is! 
Woo! Our Chewy food came!

She will also sneak in to clean the others' bowls of any leftovers, and even sometimes
sneaks in to eat while they are just to get some more tidbits of food! I have to monitor her food intake as she will have it inhaled before the others' dishes are even set down. Our brand choice of dog food just happens to be Blue Buffalo, although, I have never tried the Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner With Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice canned food before. With weight being a forever issue with Chloe (food is her "thing") and our athletic girl Bandit we need to keep an eye on as she can put on a pound here and there, so I monitor their food and snacks, I was very pleased to try this particular formula and the best part it is our brand of choice!

Bandit trying her Husky Mind Trick to open can!

FiveSibes is a #ChewyInfluencer. We received this case of Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice canned dog food free of charge from in exchange for our honest review. I share only our personal experiences and opinions on brands and products I would use or give my own FiveSibes.  

What do we love about this food?

1. The first ingredient is not a by-product, as with so many other brands. I mean, would you eat a by-product? Not me! The first item is real de-boned chicken. Yum!

Chloe loves everything about it!
2. It has vegetables and fruits: carrots, peas, blueberries and cranberries. Not only are they good for my dogs, but it also gives the food an appealing taste they really enjoy.

3. Another key element - the food contains no corn, wheat, or soy!

4.  It contains chelated minerals to boost the immune system - which is great for any dog, but especially for senior dogs, which my Huskies now are (our three "Pupsters" siblings Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit will be 11 in five days, and our alpha queen Harley turns 14 in March). Keeping that immune system strong and healthy is a top priority.

5. It also contains Biotin, which is part of the B-complex vitamin, and is said to help keep skin and coat healthy. Again, so important for any dog, but especially seniors, and our Harley has been dealing with skin allergies and bald spots, so having her on this should be a positive thing to help her coat and skin.

6. It's a paté formula, which means it is easily blendable with their dry food and my homemade add-ins.

7. It is a brand we use and have trusted since puppyhood!

8. Lastly, but definitely important, My FiveSibes love it!

Hey FiveSibes! They Like It!

Wolf busy cleaning his bowl!
While Chloe is the one I have to help watch her easily expandable waistline as she is quite the foodie, it is important to help all of our Huskies maintain a healthy weight, so I did not hesitate to let them all try the food, which is soft and easily mixed into their kibble. At first I wondered if they would balk at a weight control formula. Maybe it would be bland and they would turn their nose up at it...but, no! 

All done, says Harley!
All four of my Sibes eagerly dove into their food, licking their bowls clean. As of today, it is their fifth night of this flavor and formula, and they are enjoying it just the same as day one! Even Wolf and Harley, who do not have a weight problem, enjoy the taste! I  feel good about giving it to them, particularly Chloe, because I know it will help keep her weight under control, and she doesn't even know she is on a "diet" formula! So, will be our little secret!

 Chloe says, "More Homestyle Chicken Dinner please?!"

If you are looking to keep your dog's weight under control while feeding them a flavor they will enjoy, head on over to to try the Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner With Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice! It's paw-lickin' good! Oh, and PS - We love the home delivery program!


  1. Great review. We have had several of the Blue canned varieties. Mom loves homestyle canned food for us. We are going to have to check out this one.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. Thanks! Love all their flavors! Clean bowls all around!

  2. The anti-seizure meds make Elsa turn into a veritable Hoover machine so I have to watch she doesn't Bogart Sam's meals. Gonna have to keep this food in mind. Thanks for a great review.

    1. I remember the same happened with my Gibson. He had a voracious appetite from the meds and I was always keeping an eye on his food and treat intake. Hope Elsa enjoys this if you give it a try (all my pups enjoyed it so we can keep it a secret from her that it's "diet" food)! ;-)

  3. I love all the pictures in this post! Your crew sure do look excited about the food.

  4. Your pups are so adorable, and Chloe sounds a lot like Red. She would inhale anything in her path, and didn't care who tried to get in her way. At the shelter they had to feed her in the bathroom otherwise none of the other dogs stood a chance!! I would be concerned a weight control formula would be unpalatable but glad they're all loving it.

  5. I love your reviews with the photos and videos, I wonder if Layla would eat this food as she is such a picky eater. I free feed her and she eats when she wants and thank goodness weight wise with her it works.

  6. We prep fresh and use freeze dried food for travel. But it's great that yo unfound a product you like and can get behind. I find that's what matters - your own sense of what it right for your own pups! Dig in!

  7. Ruby sounds so much like Chloe! She also doesn't have a full switch and will eat anything and everything including cat food. She's also very prone to weight gain and it is a constant struggle to keep her weight down. This food sounds like a good option for her.

  8. Looks like this food was a hit! I like pate canned foods too, they're just easier to combine with other foods than stews.

  9. They look like my girls do when a case of food comes in the house. LOL Your photos really do enhance your review, which is great. I always love seeing your babies.

  10. Your review with the photos and dancing pup is just too wonderful! Love that your pups are digging the food - it sounds like the perfect match!

  11. Buffy also has a weight problem and being blind makes her less active. I have her on diet dry dog food and I usually mix it with homemade food. I like the idea of diet canned food. I'll have to look for these Blue Buffalo cans.

  12. Your dogs have me in FITS Dorothy. They really turn on the I AM SO HUNGREEEEEE look! I guess that food is pretty awesome if they are absolutely mad for it!

    Thank you for the support, and for the smile today.

  13. Does sound yummy. I think canned foods are always better than kibble.

  14. It's great you've found a food that your dogs like that will help them maintain a healthy weight.

  15. Happy to hear that all 4 dogs loved the new food, especially Chloe. We have one of ours on a diet right now too. She's been getting less active in her old(er) age, especially with the cold temperatures, and therefore put on some extra lbs

  16. That’s great that they’ll eat it with gusto even though it’s “diet” food. I agree whole heartedly that home delivery of food is the best!

  17. It is always so great to find a food that your dogs like and you feel good about!

  18. I love the two GIFs you made, they're so delightful! Icy is like Chloe, she cleans Phoebe's plate of leftovers. My husband says that Phoebe is "paying rent" to Icy LOL!! I mix canned food w/ the dogs kibble too.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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