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Our Snow Queen All Aglow in the Midnight Snow on a #FiveSibes Flashback Friday

  Our FiveSibes Snow Queen Aglow in the Midnight Snow Woo! We are back! After a few intense setbacks, like first FiveSibesMom here taking a bad fall several weeks ago. While letting the Huskies out after a snow and ice storm, I seriously had just taken one step outside onto the deck when I slipped on black ice and landed down on the deck--Husky level, which they all thought was fabulous and assumed I was down there to play.  Unfortunately, the series of "cracks" I heard led to a fractured ankle, and a dislocated shoulder, elbow, and left knee! And, all of these injuries does not bode well for most, especially with me with already butting heads with Fibromyalgia and RA. Needless to say, I have been a hurtin' pup packed in ice with my foot booted (and it's my driving foot!) *im*patiently waiting to heal.  Then, sadly, I received some devastating news that a family member very dear to me suddenly passed away. We grew up together as close as sisters, and