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It's Birthday time...let them eat cake!

Today is our alpha queen, Nanuk "Harley" Mari's fifth birthday! I can't believe how fast five years have gone by! It seems like just yesterday she was a mere pup. Harley is our first Sibe. She was a gift for our daughter who had wanted one since she was a little girl. Harley came from a breeder in Mahopac, New York, and along with her beauty, she has a very upper-class, typical Husky attitude and we love her for it! She is our alpha and a queen. We had her for a solid year before getting her a partner, Gibson, who is her faithful always-in-love-with-her soul mate. Then, after being a couple for two years, we suddenly one day bombarded them with the three puppy littermates! Harley once again adjusted her role and became a surrogate mom to the pups. Now, they are all one big happy Husky family! Now I have to say, birthdays here at our Husky Haven are big events and we go all out for our "kids" hats, toys, pizza crust, and a bone-shaped ice cream cake