Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Birthday time...let them eat cake!

Today is our alpha queen, Nanuk "Harley" Mari's fifth birthday! I can't believe how fast five years have gone by! It seems like just yesterday she was a mere pup. Harley is our first Sibe. She was a gift for our daughter who had wanted one since she was a little girl. Harley came from a breeder in Mahopac, New York, and along with her beauty, she has a very upper-class, typical Husky attitude and we love her for it! She is our alpha and a queen. We had her for a solid year before getting her a partner, Gibson, who is her faithful always-in-love-with-her soul mate. Then, after being a couple for two years, we suddenly one day bombarded them with the three puppy littermates! Harley once again adjusted her role and became a surrogate mom to the pups. Now, they are all one big happy Husky family! Now I have to say, birthdays here at our Husky Haven are big events and we go all out for our "kids" hats, toys, pizza crust, and a bone-shaped ice cream cake complete with an age candle (unlit, of course)! They say the average dog can understand approximately 150 to 600 words, and the Siberian Husky tops the charts with a whopping 950 to 1,000 words...well, "Birthday," "Ice Cream," "Pizza," "Play," and "Toys!"are the chart-toppers in this family! Well, I hear them all howling, so it's definitely time for cake. How do you all celebrate birthdays with your Sibes or dogs? I'd love to hear about it! For now, I'm off to a Husky Party! Good night all!


  1. Happy Barkday To Your Khween!

    We are drooling here fur your pizza bones and ice khream khake!

    We hope woo have a pawesome pawty!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Happy Birthday, Harley - we hope you have a wonderful day!!! Our Mom can't believe you got three puppies at one time - we have all we can do to handle our one.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Happy Birthday Harley, Harley I hope you are having a super time celebtating your birthday with your family.
    I wish I knew our Bambi's birthady but we were the third one to get her from the animal shelter. So we were her 4th owner. People keep bring her back to the shelter for some reason.
    She hit the jack pot with us. We hit the jack pot withe her!!! We have had her over 12 years and we hope we have her for years to come!!!
    Bambi sends licks to all five sibs.
    Come and see us.

  4. Wooo! Happy birthday!!! Cake is a totally pawsome way to celebrate! Have a wonderful day!!

    3 Sibe puppies at once??? Your humans are obviously insane.


  5. We can tell beautiful Harley was born a Queen! Happy 5th Birthday!

  6. Woooos Happy Barkday from one Queen to another! May woo have many more! By the way, I would never where a hat!
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. LOL - I was going to say what Kira did! From THIS alpha to you, then - a very happy birthday!!!
    And seriously, rip the hat up! No matter how cute you look!
    Tail wags,

  8. LOL! Harley says, "Thank wooooooo!" to everyone! PS - the hat mysteriously disappeared!

  9. Happy Birthday Harley! You look so cute in your party hat!

    Steve and Kat


    We got invited to a doggy birthday party for next weekend!!!