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A Birthday Remembered: Our Three Pupsters Would Be Turning 15 Today

  #FiveSibes #Flashback ~ #Pupsters 1st Birthday ~ January 19, 2009 Wow! As I sit here and think about my three Pupsters littermates — Wolfie and sisters Bandit and Chloe—on their birthday, I am in a surreal place of mind. My three *puppies*—the youngest of our FiveSibes pack, would be 15 today! FIFTEEN!  Mind blown. 🤯   Our three adorable Pupsters when we brought them home! Three Siberian Husky puppies ~ Three times the fun! I always think of them in their youth and prime. Harley and Gibson the OGs of our pack, with the three puppies joining in wild Siberian Husky shenanigans. My wild and crazy and loving Husky "kids" who added three times the craziness and love, would be 15.    In honor of their birthday, (their Gotcha Day wasn't until April), I sit here and remember all the fun times, the zoomies across our yard, the howlfests, the excited Christmas morning and opening of their gifts, their fabulous birthday parties, and those endearing snoring nights that filled my h