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Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day: Do You Have A Plan?

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day ~and~ Blog the Change for Animals, so we here at the FiveSibes want to once again talk about the importance of Pet Fire Safety. We believe so strongly in Pet Fire Safety, that we chose to talk about it once again featuring tips, recommendations, a photo of a fireman in our own family, a video of a Husky who was burned and rescued from a house fire, and an in-depth heart-to-heart conversation with the Husky's mom and neighbor about the frightening ordeal. The goal of this post, reshared from last year, is to share vital information that could possibly safe a pet's life...or at the very least, give each family some peace of mind that they have done all they can in preparation for, but hopefully never have to experience, a fire where their pets are. So many times we all settle into our daily lives with routines that take us from morning until night, weekdays until the weekend. But how many of us have stopped to make an emerge