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It's Tasty Tuesday! Maple Pumpkin Cookies...And...A BIG Announcement is Coming!

" long until the oven buzzes?" Tuesday spells y-u-m-m-y here in Blogville! First, the Sibes and I would like to wish the "Tasty Tuesday" blog hop co-hosts Sugar and Kol a very Happy and Tasty First Anniversary as last Saturday  marked one year of Tasty Tuesdays! Congrats! That's a celebration we can all sink our teeth into! This week, I am sharing a recipe I just whipped up for the Sibe kids this week and they were very excited to taste test - Maple Pumpkin Cookies ! Even I enjoyed a few bites of the chewy cookies! I guess with the nights dipping down into the cooler temperatures these past two nights, I got bit by the Autumn bug and not only wanted to bake (now that the house is not so hot), but I wanted to whip up something with the icon of Fall and a staple in our house for the Sibes - pumpkin! (You can see some of the benefits of feeding your dog pumpkin in a previous blog post HERE ). We hope you enjoy it as much as we, I mean, they did!