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Flashback Friday Visits Debut of Gibbie Snacks!

Woo! Today's FiveSibes Flashback Friday takes a fond look back to when "Gibbie Snacks" were first introduced, and named after my sweet (now furangel) Epi-dog, Gibson. It was the Summer of 2013...  As part of our Flashback Friday, here's our video featuring our star Siberian Husky, Gibson, when Gibbie Snacks were first introduced!   Do You Know the History of Gibbie Snacks?  Did you know they are named after our #FiveSibes #Epidog and #CanineEpilepsy spokesdog, "Gibson?" Did you know they are healthy, fresh baked-in-the-USA and formulated by the experts at House Woof Dog Biscuits with the canine epileptic in mind and are made from lean beef?  Did you know they never contain preservatives, salt, or rosemary (all possible triggers for seizures).   Did you know they always contain farm-fresh and mostly organic ingredients? Did you know they donate $1/bag sold to help other Epidogs in need via The Wally Foundation-