Friday, September 9, 2016

Flashback Friday Visits Debut of Gibbie Snacks!

Woo! Today's FiveSibes Flashback Friday takes a fond look back to when "Gibbie Snacks" were first introduced, and named after my sweet (now furangel) Epi-dog, Gibson. It was the Summer of 2013... 

As part of our Flashback Friday, here's our video featuring our star Siberian Husky, Gibson, when Gibbie Snacks were first introduced!

Do You Know the History of Gibbie Snacks? 

  • Did you know they are named after our #FiveSibes #Epidog and #CanineEpilepsy spokesdog, "Gibson?"
  • Did you know they are healthy, fresh baked-in-the-USA and formulated by the experts at House Woof Dog Biscuits with the canine epileptic in mind and are made from lean beef? 
  • Did you know they never contain preservatives, salt, or rosemary (all possible triggers for seizures). 
  •  Did you know they always contain farm-fresh and mostly organic ingredients?
  • Did you know they donate $1/bag sold to help other Epidogs in need via The Wally Foundation- canine epilepsy? 

First release of Gibson's "Gibbie Snacks" Photo!
Gibbie Snacks are a fave here for all our dogs since they debuted in July 2013. (You can check out our original post HERE). Not only do the Huskies think these are so yummy (love that beef), as part of our #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness campaign and fundraising, House Woof continues to raise donations through the sales of Gibbie Snacks to help other Epidogs! Here's a flashback to the history...(House Woof was formerly House Wolf, then rebranded a few years later to the new label up above. To order Gibbie Snacks, visit HERE).

House Woof Dog Biscuits has just unwrapped their new packaging for their treats, and we love it!
Typically, we would do a giveaway, but instead, are asking our readers and listeners to consider purchasing a bag for your dog and know that $1/bag House Woof DONATES to The Wally Foundation~Canine Epilepsy (TWF)
and invite your dog to be in our next video! (See below for deets!)

Purchase Gibbie Snacks HERE.

 I am also a volunteer case manager with them for several years and help talk with families who find themselves caring for a dog with Canine Epilepsy to know they are not alone!
TWF offers possible financial assistance (for much-needed medications) to families, fosters, and rescues of dogs diagnosed with idiopathic Epilepsy.

We Invite Your Dog to Star 
in Our Next Video! 
Send a photo of your dog (Epi or non) with a bag of Gibbie Snacks to star in our next FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness video (to be released November 2016)! Send us one photo (per dog), your permission to use, your dog's name & state/country by October 1st! Be sure to put "Gibbie Snacks" in the Email subject line and send to:

Thank you for joining us in supporting dogs with Canine Epilepsy!

Please Note:
We here at FiveSibes sincerely thank House Woof for creating "Gibbie Snacks" and continuously donating to The Wally Foundation to help Epi-dogs as part of our #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness campaign. FiveSibes does not receive compensation for the sales of Gibbie Snacks, but we do buy them for our dogs, love that they are healthy, Epi-friendly snacks, made here in the USA, and that House Woof donates from the sales of every bag of Gibbie Snacks to help Epi-dogs through TWF!

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  1. That was a most wonderful flashback!

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  9. Happy anniversary! That is a fun throwback and a great way to celebrate!

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    Remember the summer of 2013 very well as that was our last summer with Pip ...

  11. That is so cool that there are Gibbie snacks! We will order a bag. ☺

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  22. It's so wonderful that HouseWoof created treats with Epi dogs' needs in mind. Such special snacks and so special that they named them after Gibson! What an honor. I love this video, Gibson is so beautiful, it's hilarious towards the end when Gib is grabbing the bags of snacks and then eating out of the bag. It's also hysterical when all the Sibes are "singing" for their Gibbie snacks, LOL! Great post and video!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them