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Hot News: Keeping Huskies Cool and Hydrated When Temperatures Rise

Baby, it's hot outside! Many areas of the country are seeing extreme heat conditions this summer, and weather forecasters are predicting dangerously high heat indexes of 101 to even possibly 107℉ spreading from the central United States and moving toward our Northeast area this weekend. And if it's hot for us, just imagine how it is for our dogs! Having "snowdogs," you can just imagine how unhappy they are in extreme heat. It's also important to exercise dogs early in the early mornings and late evenings to avoid the sun and heat, be careful of hot surfaces including cement, blacktop, and sand, and be aware of symptoms of possible heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  I've had several readers request that I recap ways I keep my FiveSibes cool, so today I'll be talking about how to help not just Siberian Huskies, but all dogs, beat the heat! FiveSibes Top 10 Tips to  Help Dogs Beat the Heat: Please Note: This post includes some Affiliate Links, wh