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Preparing Your Epi-Dog For The Solar Eclipse

Article Updated 04/04/2024   T here is a lot of buzz about the upcoming solar eclipse, especially for folks who are in the path of totality. No matter where you live, if you plan on watching the solar eclipse, aside from protecting your eyes from “eclipse blindness” with special American Astronomical Society approved eclipse glasses, but did you know that the eclipse could have an affect on your Epi-dog (epileptic dog)? With the simulation of “night” as the sun is covered by the moon, animals may go into a nocturnal mode, or seem restless or confused, while others, will be unfazed. However, the excitement of the eclipse by humans could create excitement in our dogs, whether they have epilepsy or not, as they pick up on our energy and moods. The same as with non-epileptic dogs, if there is a lot of noise, whistling, clapping, or fireworks to celebrate, dogs could be frightened and attempt to escape. As with any loud or stressful holiday or event, be sure to have your pets se